Jirai “Fatal” Laitanen spotted in Aeman - Guristas retreating from Miroitem?

New Eden News | YC106-02-08

Breaking news from the Aeman constellation: Over the last hour, reports have been filtering in that the Guristas attack force stationed in Rancer has begun relocating to Miroitem, an adjacent system. Additionally, rumors of notorious Gurista leader Jirai “Fatal” Laitanen’s presence in the Thelan system have caused widespread unease among the system’s inhabitants.

As of yet none of the sightings have been confirmed, but Thelan’s Local Bureau of Transportation has reported a slightly less than twofold increase in stargate traffic out of the system over the last three hours. CONCORD and Federation Navy units are reportedly on standby, but officials are unavailable for comment at this time. More news on this as it arrives.