Jacus Roden to Announce Candidacy for President

New Eden News | YC111-08-17

Algogille - Jacus Roden, the founder of Roden Shipyards, has officially filed his candidacy for the Federation presidency. The news follows an explosive week in Gallente politics, during which Roden Shipyards openly defied a national decree, the latest in a string of failures that ultimately resulted in President Foiritan's resignation. Roden, who ranks amongst the Federations richest individuals, has been retired for years, and is the first candidate to file all the requisite paperwork with the Federation Administration.

While emerging as a folk hero in the face of last week's defiant standoff, some senators are already questioning the reclusive man's qualifications. Roden's early career was mired in scandal, as he was charged by Federal prosecutors with felony counts of theft and racketeering. Although the courts eventually dropped charges against him, the damage to his reputation remains.

Since handing the corporation to his granddaughter, Roden Shipyards has grown into an industrial giant, producing nearly all of the Federal Navy's warships. In addition, the corporation has long-standing strategic partnerships with Allotek Industries and Duvolle Laboratories. It is rumored that Jacus Roden is the man who founded these relationships, but went to great lengths to keep his name out of the public spotlight.

Although Mr. Roden has filed for candidacy, he has yet to make any public appearance or announcement. While not unusual considering the reclusiveness of the man himself, filings with the Federal Administration are usually followed by the fanfare of a presidential run and the launch of a national political campaign. Jacus Roden will have to emerge to address the public at some point, as the Gallente public is anxious to learn more about him.