New Eden News | YC110-05-30

Malkalen – The Ishukone Corporation Board of Directors agreed to grant strategic control of industrial operations to Tibus Heth, joining the rest of the mega-corporations in their partnership with the Caldari Providence Directorate. Ishukone employees, still mourning the loss of Otro Gariushi and the hundreds of thousands who also perished in the Malkalen disaster, overwhelmingly support the measure.

The board also announced that an active search is underway to appoint a new CEO. Chief Financial Officer Kinachi Hepimeki, considered the most qualified candidate, has reportedly resigned, citing personal reasons linked to the disaster. She and the late Mr. Gariushi are credited with running the most financially-sound mega-corporation in the Caldari State. Ralirashi Okimo, current head of the manufacturing division, is now considered the most likely replacement.

Markets are responding favorably to the news. Ishukone shares lost nearly 20% of their value following the Malkalen disaster, which forced the mega-corporation to cease industrial operations for a full week. Mr. Heth, known for his fiery anti-Gallentean rhetoric, has demonstrated considerable leadership qualities in corporate affairs that Caldari executives are keen to work with. The reinvigoration of workforce morale and subsequent revitalization of industrial efforts is largely attributed to Heth’s alignment of mega-corporate interests under the Caldari Providence Directorate. Some analysts speculate that the beleaguered Caldari State economy may have already bottomed out, with local currencies stabilizing versus the ISK and State index shares rebounding slightly from all-time lows.