Ishukone and Khanid Kingdom sign multitrillion trade deal on Transcranial Microcontrollers

New Eden News | YC106-03-16

Otro Garushi, the controversial CEO of the Caldari Ishukone corporation, today announced that his company had reached an agreement with representatives from the Khanid Kingdom, better known as the Dark Amarr, for Transcranial Microcontrollers, a bio-mechanical microchip, that Ishukone recently started full-scale production on. The deal is estimated to be worth several trillion ISK and underlines the already important trade relations between the Caldari and the Dark Amarr, who are considered to be more technically inclined than their brethren in the Amarr Empire. Ishukone stands to profit greatly from the deal, thought some people have questioned their business practices regarding the microchip.

The controller was originally developed by the School of Applied Knowledge with funds from several humanitarian organizations to help catatonics regain consciousness and resume their lives, though in a limited capacity. It can be used both in humans and machines and when it proved to be a great success the Ishukone Corporation stepped in and bought the rights to the chip several months ago. Since then, further studies by Ishukone technicians have revealed several additional ways the microchip can be used as, such as control mechanisms in robots for industrial usage. However, experts claim that the microchip does not offer higher efficiency in the robots compared to already established methods, which begs the question why the Khanid Kingdom is willing to spend such a fortune on the chips.