ISGC Racing League - Season VI Kicks Off

New Eden News | YC110-09-02

Kador Prime - Sunday 24th 19:00 , the ISGC Racing League roared into life once again in New Eden, with Season VI kicking off in the Kador region.

The race organiser Gyra Rho , states that this season hosts a range of changes as well as new features, "With the new season comes lots of changes, including the allowance of Faction frigates in the frigate class, (the addition of) amateur and professional pots for individual pilots, and a rookie pot exclusively for new pilots to the league, (these are) in addition to our (usual) team prizes".

One such prize winner of last season was Rawr Christina , who was named "Rookie of the Season" for Season 5, and who also won the opening race for Season 6. When asked how she first got involved with the ISGC racing league, she responded: "It was through my Corporation at the time. They had done it before and wanted to do it again; many didn't find the time and I nearly didn't bother (I didn't really care for this sort of thing), but the ever-optimistic Dirtside Captain Darina Rea went ahead with it anyway, so I joined her for a race, you know, just to see what it's like."

In regards to her being named Rookie of the Season, Rawr had this to say: "I'm pleased to have won something for once" also stating "but to be fair, after flying that darn Raptor all last season I want to try something different this time around."

We asked Rawr what advice she would give rookie pilots planning to race this season was, "Completing the course is the easy part. The biggest hurdle for most people is doing it quickly. A good feel of your ship and swift reactions are both vital to winning; It personally took me half a season to get the hang of things, (just) don't despair if you don't do great at first."

In addition to the main races there will also be five exhibition events this season, they are: The "Exploration Race", "Destruction Derby", "0.0 Rally", "Industrial Endeavour", and the "Battleship Bonanza".

"Corporations have the opportunity to support the event by paying for ad space...We have managed to raise over 1 billion sponsorship..." Gyra Rho stated "We're always looking for more sponsors and racers..." Further information concerning sponsoring the league may be found here.

With all the new features being introduced this season, it looks set to be one of the most exciting and explosive series of races to date. More information on how to become a racer or on the league itself may be found on the official ISGC Information Portal here.