Investors have finally decided that the Minmatar Republic is a safe bet

New Eden News | YC110-10-14

Investment in corporations that are owned and operated out of the Minmatar Republic has increased markedly over the past several months. Over the past several decades, the economic stagnation and social malaise of the Republic has scared away major investors, with many new ventures failing and stock prices of major Minmatar companies deteriorating over that time.

The increase in foreign investment parallels the rise of Maleatu Shakor to the position of Sanmatar. Shakor's rise to prominence, as well as other factors, has generated confidence in the future of the Republic that has not been present for nearly a generation. This confidence has trickled into the investment sector, where the safe bets are still strictly outside of the Republic, but the risks have lowered enough to make the potential rewards worthwhile.

Should the current investments into the Republic prove successful, more extensive investment is expected to follow, further strengthening the Republic economy. Foreign investment into the Republic is heavily Gallente, with the majority of the investment coming from the Federation. Most of the rest comes from the Intaki Syndicate, with the remaining coming from other entities.