Intaki Claim "Lost Idama" Discovered in Khanid Kingdom

New Eden News | YC120-08-31 - By Zara Serir

Khanid Region - A "reborn" Idama, long thought lost by adherents of the Intaki Way, or Ida, has been discovered in the Khanid Kingdom, claims one of their monks.

Wafneque Erilon, a monk from the Ida monasteries on Intaki Prime, claims to have found the "Lost Idama" while travelling abroad in the Seevadin constellation. Erilon discovered an Intaki slave named Ailoea en Waro early last month aboard the Pure Faith 's Harvest, a cruiser owned by Sa-Baron Atazil Kufail of Vezila in the Khanid Kingdom. Wafneque Erilon claims that en Waro has several characteristics that confirm his extraordinary theory.

Erilon intended to purchase en Waro from Sa-Baron Kufail upon his discovery. However, Lord Kufail refuses to sell en Waro to Erilon, stating that the Ida monk is "obviously mistaken". Erilon is now claiming that Lord Kufail acquired the slave illegally, citing lack of transaction or punitive records. Lord Kufail has denied these accusations in the strongest terms and accuses the monk of "illegal missionary work on behalf of foreign religious colonizers".

The Idama, those Intaki who are held to have been reborn without the assistance of technology, are few. Allegedly, as little as 500 are present in the cluster according to claims made by elements of the Ida faith. The story they tell is that in YC99, a senior Idama on Intaki Prime died from health complications associated with natural aging. Prior to her death, the Idama left a letter explaining that she intended to be reborn in a distant land, far from Intaki Prime, supposedly in order to learn the plight of those beyond Federation borders.

Despite numerous physical descriptors of the person she would be reborn as, the Ida faithful were apparently unable to find her and the search was eventually called off; with the Idama's lineage declared lost. It came as a great surprise for the Ida monasteries of Intaki Prime when Erilon claimed to have discovered the "Lost Idama".

Recounting the lost Idama's prophetic letter, the Ida monk claimed that en Waro showed all the prophesied physical characteristics, including a birthmark along the collarbone. Erilon attempted to purchase en Waro from the Holder in an effort to bring her to Intaki Prime in order to conduct "extensive testing" to confirm her identity.

Expressing the value of en Waro, a secretarial aide, to his holdings and activities, Lord Kufail has explained to ACN that the alleged missionary's proclamations brought en Waro considerable distress. Ailoea en Waro, fitted with a transcranial microcontroller in the Kingdom manner, was unware that she was even a slave, and states she has no recollection of past lives. As a result of Erilon's persistent questioning, the Sa-Baron found it necessary to make changes to the microcontroller in an effort to pacify her.

Having returned to Intaki, Erilon claims that he conducted an investigation into Lord Kufail's acquisition of en Waro. The Intaki monk says that en Waro is a generational slave, but alleges there is no record of a lineage or prior punitive measures that led to her enslavement. In addition, Erilon is now making a claim that the Holder obtains and replaces slaves "inordinately quickly". The Ida monasteries are reported to have initially expressed skepticism but now say they have been convinced by Erilon's research.

The Ida leadership have since announced their findings to the Intaki Assembly, seeking action by a higher authority within the Gallente Federation. Khanid Kingdom authorities have dismissed any possibility of infringing on the rights of Sa-Baron Kufail "under pressure of Gallente inteference based on blasphemous nonsense". The Court Chamberlain's office has confined itself to noting that the matter is "within the authority of the Royal House of the Khanid Kingdom of the Empire".