Inspired by Tibus Heth, Revolts Break Out in Caldari State

New Eden News | YC110-05-02

The Citadel – With the exception of Ishukone-controlled territories, reports of civil disobedience and open revolts against mega-corporate establishments are erupting across the Caldari State following the violence at the Caldari Constructions Armor Forge facility on Piak III. Roving bands of youths, inspired by the “heroic” actions of Tibus Heth, are targeting symbols of corporate affluence, damaging or destroying the property even as local police forces bear down on them. Blatant acts of workforce recalcitrance have been reported at numerous production facilities, an unheard of occurrence in the Caldari State. Thus far, the mega-corporations are countering the revolts cautiously, wary of following Kaalakiota’s example. Despite the measured response, hundreds of arrests have been reported so far as efforts to contain the uprising continue.

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