Influential Gallente Senator Retires

New Eden News | YC111-07-17

Villore - In a prepared statement, Gallente Senator Pillius Ardanne announced today that he would be retiring from the assembly effective immediately. Citing reasons of "personal health," the statement has sent shockwaves through the Gallente political establishment.

Though best known for his heated tirades at the podium, Ardanne was none the less a respected member of the Senate, holding several important committee positions thanks to his seniority and political connections. Chief among these was his post as chairman of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, a role which will now fall to Senator Faron Shu, the second most senior member.

Though his legacy will be one of energetic debate (his early rows with a much younger Mentas Blaque were legendary within the halls of government), Ardanne will be fondly remembered for his valuable contributions to Gallente political discourse and his tireless representation of the people of his district.

Ardanne will be succeeded by Helene Sesomme, who will be elevated from her current position as head of the Disctrict Parliament serving Ardanne's constituency.

Citing doctor-patient confidentiality, Ardanne's doctor refused to comment.