Independent report will show progress from Heth reforms

New Eden News | YC110-09-08

An independent audit of Caldari State Leader Tibus Heth's reforms will provide solid evidence of improvements in workplaces across the entire nation, according to Dr. Heyata Saari, Assistant Auditor General in charge of the State Independent Audit Authority's Bureau of Human Resource Development.

Originally due to be finished ninety days after the first major reforms were put in place, the research is purportedly running ahead of schedule and will be delivered earlier than expected. Dr. Saari held an advance viewing of some report details in New Caldari last evening, where she explained that the research had been focused on the widespread industrial reorganization undertaken by Heth's government, as well as various individual programs and reforms.

Protectorate Director Janus Bravour was in attendance at the forum and delivered a short address. Thanking the Asst. Auditor General and her team for their hard work, he then outlined their assessment of the Self-Education Initiative, a State-wide education reform that has met with considerable success.

"Education and training are vital to the prosperity of a nation," said Mr Bravour. "Talent and dedication should be rewarded. A bit of praise is one thing, but does it help people put food on the table day after day? People want to believe that their hard work will pay off, that they'll get that promotion, the raise, or even just a good recommendation when a new job opens up. Our reforms ensure that these things will take place."

The report stated that approximately 30,000 Caldari citizens occupying various positions within dozens of private-sector corporations had already been accepted and enrolled for further education and training, with a predicted total intake of over 50,000 by the end of the year. A separate study of over 2,000 graduates from six different 3-month courses revealed that more than half of them were able to successfully negotiate an increase in pay or benefits.

Dr. Saari said the final version of the report would be delivered shortly, once all submissions had been received.