Impromptu Anti-Violence demonstrations erupt across the Federation

New Eden News | YC110-05-12

Luminaire - In the wake of widespread ethnic violence inside both the Gallente Federation and the Caldari State, thousands of Gallente citizens have taken to the street to speak against the carnage.

Federation citizens, both Caldari expatriots who have avoided violence and ethnic Gallente and Intaki, have begun organizing demonstrations urging a cessation of the violence. Carrying signs and shouting slogans, the demonstrators have shown little bias towards condemning both sides. "Love not hate!" was a popular refrain throughout the day, as demonstrators called for the rioters to put down their arms and peacefully return to their homes.

"Neither side is without fault in this," said Shana Teahan, one of the demonstrators. "If we continue to hate each other, things will only get worse, more people will get hurt, and everything will spiral out of control! People need to calm down and not let harsh words turn them against each other. Trying to pass blame will not get us anywhere."

Despite the demonstrations, violence against Caldari in the Federation and Gallente in the State continues to grow worse.