Impro Scandal, Cloning Questioned

New Eden News | YC109-10-07

NEW EDEN: Impro are again under the spotlight as official figures for their biotech clone contracts show a shocking increase in the number of capsuleer deaths and mind-locks.

Recently released official figures from the Jovian Directorate show an increasing number of Impro's clients are experiencing a corruption of neural data on transmission to their medical facilities.

Critics on GalNet have been quick to point out that Impro are one of the few Jovian companies to operate outside faction space and that they manufacture mainly electronic hardware (admittedly far superior to those produced by the other empires) and that the foray into cloning biotechnology is something of an experiment.

Impro were recently in the news when Mikato “DarkElf” Tarawa from Veto Corporation was left mind-locked due to a neural transfer corruption on route from Lonetrek which resulted in a riot outside the medical facilty by fellow Veto pilots.

Doctor Yibara from Impro's medical facilty in Goinard explained the case of Tarawa. He said: "The neural data and mindscan transmitted from the previous jumpclone in Lonetrek was corrupted. It caused the upload system to crash while it was being parsed to his memory."

"The result was what we call a neural jack-in failure, which leads to the condition known as a mind-lock," added Yibara.

No explanation beyond this was given for the death of Tarawa and Impro have refused to give any official comment regarding their cloning technologies.

Keschimiola Murppatoh, the chief executive officer of Impro said recently: "Our mind-lock figures are inline with other corporations within the same market sector, I am certain that Raurvoras' figures are just like ours."

Raurvoras Umokka, the CEO of Zainou has declined to comment.

GalNet observers continue to monitor the situation.

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