Imperial Space-Lanes Plagued by Rise in Piracy

New Eden News | YC106-05-17

In recent days, Concord conflict-nets have logged a sharp increase of disturbing distress calls in the depths of what has until recently been viewed as the most highly secured sectors of Eve. Merchant vessels and corporate military patrols alike are heard pleading briefly for all assistance before being cut short by the telltale static of electronic jamming – these unfortunate vessels are usually never found or heard from again. The attention of corporate defence forces, usually focused squarely on the pirate-infested outer fringes of civilization, is now turning to this new and little-known threat in the very heart of the known galaxy.

Believed to utilize coordinated swarm tactics and advanced electronic warfare weaponry, as well as considerable external funding, these bold marauders seem to have somehow circumvented the Concord security measures set in place to protect the citizens of the four empires – whether by bribery or corruption, it is unclear how these cutthroats manage to pass undetected. All that is certain is that the daily death toll from their attacks is mounting, and to date no one has stood toe-to-toe with this cruel and elusive criminal group known only as the “Black Monkeys”. Corporate officials have not yet been available to comment on this new and growing threat to intergalactic safety.

We will provide you with more information as it becomes available.