Imperial Navy "cautiously withdraws" from wormhole space, urges loyalist exploration

New Eden News | YC111-04-17

Safizon - The Imperial Navy is ending its exploration of wormhole space, citing the lack of immediate threat from Sleeper drones on Empire assets as well as difficulty with coordinating large fleets on exploration efforts.

The Amarr Navy first began sending fleets through the wormholes shortly after they began appearing throughout New Eden. The fleets frequently encountered Sleeper Drones and suffered losses, though the Navy has not been forthcoming with casualty numbers.

"The Navy is cautiously withdrawing from wormhole space," read the official statement released by the Navy. "We are confident that wormhole space does not pose any immediate threat to the Empire and it is currently a matter of scientific interest rather than military concern. The Imperial Navy will continue to research artifacts brought back from wormhole space, but our resources are best concentrated in other areas, such as protecting our current territory from the Empire's many enemies."

The statement went on to urge continued exploration by capsuleers, particularly those loyal to the Amarr Empire. "We feel that loyalist capsuleers are far more equipped to deal with the constantly shifting circumstances of wormhole space. The Empire will be well served by their continued exploration and exploitation of this new frontier."