Imperial Cross stolen - Slave auction postponed

New Eden News | YC107-03-21

A startling new development surrounding the 500 Sebiestor slaves awarded to the CVA halted the auction of those slaves as the Cross of the Sacred Throne Order, awarded to Golan Trevize by the Emperor himself, was stolen.

The Admiral's Estates are notoriously well guarded. Rivaling the level of security surrounding the Amarr Navy's most prominent generals, Admiral Trevize's estates is guarded by ravenous packs of slavers, trained to hunt and brutalize any individual they do not recognize. Well-trained and equipped guards regularly patrol the outer perimeter, scent-keyed to the Slavers to allow them to pass unmolested by the murderous beasts. The outer walls are guarded by automated laser turrets that fire upon any unauthorized individual. Although the outer defenses are well documented, surprisingly little information is available about the inner core. Even though what really lies within the grand halls of the Trevize Estates, breaking in was said to be impossible until now.

I was able to interview one of the guards assigned to Admiral Trevize's estates, asking him about the circumstances of the theft.

"We don't know who took it. It's impossible for anyone to pass the Slavers unmolested, impossible to breach the inner sanctums, let alone the 5 meter thick Morphite infused vaults.

Whoever it was, he must have either been planning this for months, or be absurdly good at what he does."

The guard in question is currently scheduled for execution later this day.

I can't help but wonder what this means to the CVA and their efforts. The Cross represents the admiration and support lent to the CVA forces by the Amarr Empire. Its theft is an embarrassment to the CVA and as such, I expect them to stop at nothing to retrieve it.