Impasse in medal handover - Holder Ankigher speaks

New Eden News | YC107-03-25

Today, Holder Marin Ankigher released a statement via the Amarr Certified News:

"It has come to my attention that the Cross of the Sacred Throne Order has been stolen. In return, its thief desires the five hundred Sebiestor slaves I trusted to the CVA. It has also come to my attention that some wish to leave the prized item in this despicable individual’s hands.

Let me clear up now and for ever that the value of the medal far exceeds the sentimental attachment to my former slaves that the CVA might have. The medal is not merely a reward for bringing prosperity to a region of the Empire, like my former slaves are; it is an artifact of great historical value and as such, considering abandoning it is abhorrent. To our Empire, history is much more important then mere slaves. We can always breed new ones, whereas our history is an integral part of our being.

I implore the CVA; do not be blinded by your sentiments in this matter. To retrieve this medal should be your top priority. You owe it to yourselves, to me and to the Emperor."

Holder Ankigher is rumored to have taken the matter to the Imperial Chamberlain himself. Whatever the outcome, it is sure that the ruling caste of the Amarr want the Cross retrieved.

At any cost.