Illegal operations stir in Lonetrek

New Eden News | YC107-04-22

Earlier this week, word started to trickle through the criminal underground in the Lonetrek region, that an as yet unnamed Gallente corporation is making preparations to buy large amounts of contraband goods for what is rumoured to be a drastic new research project.

Many of the universes worst drugs, as well as slaves are thought to be on the list of desired contraband. When and were the items will be purchased, and for how much is something that the rumours have as yet failed to deliver.

Concord has warned anyone in that region that dealing in contraband is highly illegal. Anyone caught with illegal goods will be dealt with to the full extent of the law. They went on to advise anyone who finds contraband items to trash them or report to the authorities.

Whether this warning has had any effect is up for dispute but in the last few days there has been a small increase in violent crime, both in and out of space stations in Lonetrek.