Huola recaptured, Search party deployed

New Eden News | YC110-08-04

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the many Amarr loyalists involved with the 24th Crusade, the Imperial system of Huola in the domain of the Bleak Lands has been recaptured from Minmatar occupancy. The system was designated a primary target by Crusade command following the marooning of Dresen Karnell, an important Ammatar scientist, on one of the system's habitable moons.

A rescue party landed at the crash site hours after the system had been reclaimed. They discovered the downed shuttle along with a message from Karnell, informing them that his water rations had dwindled three days prior and he was forced to leave in search of clean water.

The rescue team is operating under the assumption that the scientist is still alive and is continuing to move in search of drinkable water. Searches will continue and daily updates will be provided to the 24th Imperial Crusade until he is located.