Holo-Reel Actress Stricken By Neurodegenerative Disease

New Eden News | YC110-08-19

Luminaire - A representative for Kaisa Anneli, long-time performer on Gallente stage and screen, announced today that the actress is suffering from a form of terminal neurodegenerative disease.

Anneli, 63, began her career as a bit player in the minor theaters of the homeworld in 65 YC, but soon her tireless work-ethic won her progressively larger and larger roles. Making the transition to holo-reel acting in her late twenties, Anneli became best known as a character actress with a talent for supporting performances in both drama and comedies.

At her retirement from acting in 95 YC, Anneli had accumulated full credits in 57 productions and numerous credits for smaller roles – though she was never given the opportunity to take a lead role in any production.

Though never considered a great star during her career, the past decade has seen Anneli lend her familiar face and name to various causes and lobby groups – achieving a significant degree of notoriety in philanthropic circles across the Federation.

Anneli's representative declined to discuss specifics of the actress' condition, saying only the condition is degenerative and the prognosis is for a steep decline in function over the next year or two.