Holder Anniversary Celebration Disrupted

New Eden News | YC110-02-25

Adding to the already chaotic events in The Bleak Lands, The Blood Raider Covenant today interrupted an Amarrian religious ceremony held in honour of the 85th anniversary of Holder Govarin's ascension. The ceremony, attended by a number of dignitaries and religious leaders, was being broadcast across the system when Covenant vessels dropped cloak nearby and proceeded to jam the Amarrian transmission, overriding the signal with a message of their own.

The Covenant speakers proclaimed that the mysterious celestial object that has appeared in the heavens is in fact a portent as foretold in the heretical Book of Redemption. This sign is claimed to be a signal of the coming rise of the Sani Sabik and their ultimate triumph over the heresies of the Amarr. Those presiding over the anniversary ceremony, including delegates of the Theology council, were left standing impotent against the intrusion. It has not yet been determined how the Covenant agents managed to subvert such a high profile broadcast with apparent ease, yet Imperial officials were unable to overcome the hostile jamming.

The situation lasted for some fifteen minutes before Naval forces of the 7th Fleet active in the area were swiftly dispatched to handle the situation. It has been hinted by 7th Fleet liaison, Lieutenant Joshua Epaphras, that Admiral Saracen himself ordered a squadron of Interceptors with the support of Recon Cruisers to locate and neutralise the Blood Raider incursion.

"The Admiral takes the security and sanctity of the Bleak Lands to heart and was deeply aggrieved by this incursion of heretics and their attempts to desecrate the honouring of God's pious servant, Holder Govarin."