New Eden News | YC110-06-03

Piak - In response to an apparent threat by President Foiritan, the Caldari State moved closer to war with the Gallente Federation as Tibus Heth declared a national draft. Invoking the Malkalen disaster as evidence of the need to "defend themselves", Heth instantiated a mandatory conscription of all "eligible men and women of age" for active military service on behalf of the Caldari Providence Directorate. The mobilization follows an apparent threat of martial law on Caldari Prime by President Foiritan, who has been pressuring Heth on behalf Gallentean expatriates attempting to leave the Caldari State safely.

Military analysts believe that the conscription could only utilize excess labor that would otherwise be dormant within the industrial base of the Caldari State. Although the mega-corporations each have their own active police forces, the precise extent of manpower and assets remains unknown.