Heth Auctioning Development Rights of Conquered Federation Systems to Caldari Mega-corporations

New Eden News | YC111-08-11

New Caldari - SCOPE News has acquired a dated top secret memorandum issued from the Caldari Providence Directorate to all Caldari mega-corporations, stating that the "development and exploration rights" for all Federation systems occupied by Caldari militias are to be auctioned off to the highest bidders. Although issued nearly a month ago, the auction-which has been ongoing in complete secrecy-ends on August 21st, YC111.

The memo specifies that winning bids are effectively entering a three-party agreement with the State and with all other mega-corporations; this agreement honors the rights of the bidder to hold title over all "resources, property, and opportunities" developed within the system. The deal is binding irrespective of sovereignty changes. However, the CPD makes it clear that no additional national resources are to be allocated to protect mega-corporate activities from Federation militia counterattacks "unless directed as part of strategic Caldari naval operations in the vicinity."

The language of the memo suggests that the winning mega-corporations, most of which own separate military security corporations, would be free to operate in contested Federation systems on their own accord, and more importantly, would be legally authorized to use as much force as they can bring to bear to secure their interests.

As of the time of this publication, all contestable Federation systems remain under strict Caldari control, which was unilaterally established in May and has remained virtually unchallenged ever since. The memo, entitled "Caldari Providence Appropriations and Development Rights Issue," states that money procured from the bidding process will be used to "support the Caldari Navy and repay national obligations."

The CPD and mega-corporations are not answering questions about the memo at this time. The Federation is expected to release a statement regarding this development within the next 24 hours.