Heth Announces Kaalakiota Takeover, Declares Quarantine of Gallentean Expatriates

New Eden News | YC110-05-22

Piak – Tibus Heth today addressed the Caldari State for the first time since the Malkalen disaster, during which he announced his effective takeover of operations for the Kaalakiota mega-corporation and declared an immediate quarantine of all Gallentean expatriates residing in Caldari space. Set against the backdrop of the damaged Ishukone Headquarters Station, his broadcast began with a national moment of silence on behalf of "all those whose lives were taken in Malkalen" and for Otro Gariushi, whom he mourned as a "true Caldari hero".

Emphasizing his belief that no excuse can relieve the Gallente Federation of direct responsibility in the catastrophe, Heth declared that all Gallentean expatriates are to be “quarantined and held for questioning until their innocence is proven”. While not mentioning Admiral Noir by name, Heth hinted that if Noir was the most trustworthy man between both nations prior to Malkalen, then his “deceit” warrants such drastic matters as a pure “security precaution”.

A statement issued by the Kaalakiota corporation board following the national address confirmed that CEO Haatakan Oiritsuu has voluntarily stepped down from her post, giving Tibus Heth control over the Caldari State’s largest mega-corporation. These powers authorize him to enact the quarantine program, whose methods will likely include deployment of his growing numbers of Provists. Because the resignation of Ms. Oiritsuu was voluntary, the board of directors has the power to appoint any individual they see fit to the position of CEO.

Regardless of shareholder sentiment, public support for Tibus Heth is skyrocketing, especially in the wake of days of national mourning over Malkalen and the loss of Otro Gariushi. The death toll has risen past the 600,000 mark and is still climbing, making this the most grievous tragedy of empire space in modern times.