Heroism Among Outrage as Seyllin Prisoners Evacuated

New Eden News | YC111-03-10

SEYLLIN - Throngs of people at the evacuation points were outraged to hear that the prison population of Metal City was being evacuated amidst security fears following several escapes reported. The facility was reported to have taken heavy damage and already suffered the escape of several high security prisoners.

Military transport ships aiding the evacuation were recently diverted to the scene to secure the prisoners and evacuate them to prevent further escape attempts. Word of this has sparked a wave of anger and unrest among those still waiting to be lifted from the planet surface. News of the superheated mass heading for the planet has contributed to crowd panic, with riots reported at the evacuation points.

However, early reports from the prison evacuation detail indicate that lower-security prisoners have offered to assist with the evacuation effort of their fellow inmates, as well as providing additional manpower to dig survivors out of the damaged areas of the prison.