Heated Dispute at Court Session

New Eden News | YC110-05-26

Tensions were high in the Imperial Court today when the representatives of two different Heir families argued over accusations of improper trade practices and sabotage.

In a statement made to the Court, Cerda Bashatar, patriarch of Kor-Azor scion House Bashatar, announced that investigations into a series of acts of sabotage upon his House’s assets committed over the last twelve months had revealed evidence linking these acts to House Torash, a scion family of the Tash-Murkon.

“It is my belief,” stated Cerda, “that Gavit Torash has wilfully conspired to undermine my House and its ability to contribute to the economy and the health of the Empire. Furthermore he has employed and consorted with criminals in a blatant disregard for tradition and Imperial law.”

In support of these accusations House Bashatar submitted to the Court several items of circumstantial evidence concerning records of payments made to mercenary capsuleers by associates of House Torash, and the origins of munitions used in recent attacks upon the family’s trade convoys. In addition, Cerda Bashatar inferred that the timing of Torash sales of goods over the last year were deliberately orchestrated to weaken his own House's position in the markets.

When Gavit Torash himself stepped forward to vehemently deny the accusations made against his House, the two representatives began a heated argument which led to an exchange of offensive and derogatory language. When it became apparent that both men might come to blows they were separated by Imperial guardsmen, and then detained and reprimanded for their shocking breaches of protocol.

This is not the first time that the two Houses have been at odds, and the rivalry of the respective heads of each family is well known, dating back a decade to Cerda Bashatar’s political marriage to Idrina Garmond, second-cousin of Articio Kor-Azor, a lady that Gavit Torash had previously been courting.

Neither is it the first time that either House has courted controversy. Gavit Torash’s ascendancy to power after the death of his father two years ago is still a subject of some speculation at the Imperial Court, and House Bashatar was treated at arm’s length for several months by many when it was discovered that Petras Bashatar, brother of Cerda, was involved in the recent revival of the ill-fated Tetrimon cult.

After the fracas Deputy Chamberlain Jadrow Sershath called for an immediate recess of today's Court proceedings, but before he did so he chided both the Kor-Azor and the TashMurkon for the behaviour of their underlings. It is not yet known how seriously the evidence presented today will be taken, and whether the Court will rule for further investigation into the allegations.