Guristas go into hiding as scientists are sold to Emperor's son

New Eden News | YC106-02-18

The Guristas cartel has received quite some flak since they invaded the Crielere system and kidnapped the most prominent scientists the world has known. The new sole leader of the cartel, Korako Kosakami aka the Rabbit, has decided that the Guristas should lay low for a while to allow the backlash of their recent actions to blow over. The Guristas will still operate in the zones they've claimed for themselves outside empire space, but will refrain from any further incursions into the empires for the time being. Many fear that the success of the Guristas raid will encourage other crime factions to act more aggressively in empire space and CONCORD is already gearing up its response teams in the event this happens. CONCORD urges space farers traveling close to empire borders to show caution and be on the lookout for any unusual pirate activity.

In related news, the Guristas seem to have managed to sell the two scientists they kidnapped in Crielere, for a sum believed to be well over one trillion ISK. The Guristas had already stripped the scientists of all valuable items and documents, but had neither the patience nor the resources to debrief them thoroughly. The buyer is considered none other than the infamous Amarrian royal heir Articio Kor-Azor, it is believed he intends to set the scientists up in a brand new tech lab he has constructed in his domain, to research some secret pet projects of his. The scientists have reported to have been given into the custody of Kor-Azor's men and are currently en route to Amarr space. The news has alarmed politicians the world over, as Articio is known for his megalomaniac tendencies and disregard for all human life but his own. People fear that Articio may use the technical expertise of the two scientists to construct new kinds of doomsday devices that may threaten the stability or even the existence of the entire world. Petitions are already streaming to the Amarr Emperor to take actions against his son Articio, as the Emperor is the only one with the power to prevent the Kor-Azor heir from hatching his mad schemes. The imperial palace still remains silent, leaving people in anxious wait for answers.