Guristas attack FedMart warehouses in Vlillirier

New Eden News | YC110-06-10

Vlillirier - Two storage and warehousing facilities belonging to FedMart, the largest retail corporation in the world of EVE have been attacked by forces believed to belong to the Guristas pirates. The raiding force included a large number of transport ships, and it is clear that the Guristas were intent upon plunder after sweeping away the few customs forces and naval pickets guarding the system.

Also present in the system were a number of Wiyrkomi storage and warehousing facilities, though these remained unmolested by the pirates, leading many to speculate that the Caldari State gave tacit approval for the raid. This speculation is further reinforced by the fact that the few Wiyrkomi Peace Corps forces present in the system did not respond to distress calls issued by FedMart personnel.