Groundbreaking Celebrations at Arant Terraforming Project

New Eden News | YC110-05-15

Arant – Lavish celebrations to mark the official groundbreaking of the Arant Terraforming Project were held today amid much satisfaction that the project continues to run to time, if not entirely within budget. The main banquet took place in the central hall of the arcology erected on Moon 14 of Arant V as a comfortable accommodation building for all project workers. The hall easily held all the workers and guests, amongst which were a delegation from Quafe Corporation, the main sponsor of the Arant project. The highlight of the meal for many was the small portion of long-limb roes each and every person present received to complement their celebratory drink of Quafe Ultra. Even though the portions were necessarily modest, it is believed the cost of this touch of luxury was considerable.

More was to come, however, as Director Lanislav Sebonn rose to toast the groundbreaking with a rare bottle of Quafe Ultra Special Edition, supplied for the occasion by the sponsors, "This project is a sign of the vigour and vitality of the Gallente Federation. We are determined to continue to develop our resources and peacefully expand the potential for population growth and industrial development with projects such as this. The Arant Terraforming Project will shine as a beacon for all Gallente. So it is with very great pleasure that I formally initiate the first phase of terraforming and activate the atmospheric processors. Perhaps not so much a groundbreaking as an airbreaking!" The Director, clearly elevated by the occasion, and possibly the Quafe Ultra SE, then pressed the button activating the titanic machinery that will begin to transform this moon into a living world.

Celebrations continued into the night but there is no doubt that the Arant Terraforming Project will be the site of much hard work for decades to come.