Grand Admiral Jibril issues wide swathe of promotions

New Eden News | YC111-03-30

Sasta - As one of his first acts as leader of the Ammatar Fleet, Grand Admiral Hastar Jibril has issued promotions to numerous Ammatar veterans of the Fleet. The promotions were across all ranks, from petty officers all the way to vice admirals. The vast majority of the promotions were given to those of Ammatar birth.

Admiral Jibril stated that the promotions were based on extensive service reviews conducted by his staff in concert with recommendations from the Fleet's upper command. "We are committed to turning the Ammatar Fleet into the premiere navy in the cluster," the press release announcing the promotions stated. "This step shall allow those men and women of character and courage to take another step forward in their service to the Mandate and the Empire." The press release went on to say, "This act shall emphasize the new direction of the Fleet. Action and deed shall be our measures of achievement, while failure and dereliction shall be swiftly and harshly punished."

Many of the promotions were based on actions taken during the Elder Fleet invasion. According to the press release, around a third of the promotions were given for extraordinary acts of courage and leadership taken during the chaos and uncertainty during and immediately after the invasion.