Garouni Royals Negotiate Third Option in Capsuleer-Sang Do Dispute

New Eden News | YC120-10-24 - By Ret Gloriaxx

Tei-Su (Chandeille), Lirsautton - Newly married Ensi Beatrice Batteuse and Ensil Consort Jeras Alaila arrived at the Ensinate of Central Garoun's embassy on the Jin-Mei homeworld early yesterday morning, in order to advocate in defense of humanitarian operations spearheaded by capsuleer organisations ARC and UNF-A.

The royal couple, representing their Federation member state, successfully persuaded the Sang Do council to reconsider filing criminal charges against either alliance. Charges being contemplated included trespassing, sabotage, espionage, and the fraudulent use of a dummy corporation to obscure extraterritorial status. While the diplomatic discussion was held in a closed session, anonymous insiders said that the Ensi's intervention was motivated by the Arakata Research Consortium's assistance in Luminaire during the Drifter attack on the 6th of January this year.

On behalf of the royal family, Garouni Royal Communications issued a press release that expressed gratitude towards their Sang Do hosts for their hospitality and for hearing them.

"Many spectators noted that both sides of the Lirsautton VI misunderstanding have legitimate concerns. Recognizing that all parties acted with good intent if not within the letter of the law, the Ensinate offers a peaceful resolution. If ARC, UNF-A, and associated entities fully remove their assets and discontinue their occupation of the planet, the Sang Do council has agreed to permit both organisations to relocate the peoples of Lirsautton VI to the Ensinate of Central Garoun on Gallente Prime, whereupon they will be provided with all rights and protections promised by the Federal Constitution," the press release stated.

A representative of the Sang Do council corroborated the information contained in the Ensinate's press release, then elaborated that regardless of the respective organisations' decisions, legislators in the Ysiette district parliament will pursue a total ban on capsuleer colonies in the Lirsautton system. The representative conveyed the council's continued disappointment for the disregard capsuleers have shown for the local regulations on colonies and the council's disapproval for colonies founded illegally, without the permission of local member states.