Gariushi's Message Resonates with Caldari Commercial Sector

New Eden News | YC110-05-12

Jita, The Forge - In what is inarguably the busiest trade hub in Caldari space, the recent address by Ishukone CEO Otro Gariushi has done much to calm financial markets inflamed by the recent turbulence in the State.

Plagued by a weak economy and lackluster performance for the last year, the Caldari stock markets have seen several recent upheavals in rapid succession within the last week. "The thrill-ride that the Caldari Constructions stock took during the standoff at the Armor Forge on Piak III was the start," commented Diashi Kuriomo, a stock analyst for the Mercantile Club. "Then in quick succession we had the rampant speculation brought on by the resulting rioting and the violence on Caldari Prime. The markets were extremely volatile during that time," he went on to add.

This social and political uncertainty can have rapid and far-reaching effects in the financial sector. "With the spectre of ethnic violence looming, everyone starts hedging," said Kamen Okozainnen, a venture capitalist who operates primarily in Jita. "Available credit dries up in a heartbeat and foreign investment goes by the wayside."

But today's trading volume has been within relatively normal ranges, with few market sectors experiencing rapid or extreme swings. "I think it's important that someone like Gariushi can speak up and get people to exercise calm. Financial markets are like skittish animals, and without the power of a well-respected figure to bring people back from the brink, things could have gotten ugly in a hurry," said Kuriomo.

Zainnen Ishimura, a bond-market analyst with InfoQuest (a small Wiyrkomi subsidiary) agreed. "It's clear that cooler heads have finally prevailed. I personally respect Tibus Heth's message, but I think people have a tendency to take things too literally in the heat of the moment. It's good that we have folks like Gariushi around to remind people that this is the Caldari State, and that at the end of the day we should be conducting business as usual."

"Business as usual" has been the watch-phrase around the water coolers and food courts of the major trading floors today. Though there is still a certain tension in the air, many traders can be described as "guardedly optimistic" that the worst is past and they can get back to the larger task of dealing with the problems endemic to the Caldari economy itself.