Gallente Senate convenes emergency session, declares war on Caldari State

New Eden News | YC110-06-10

Villore - Just moments ago as the Caldari Navy task force entered Luminaire in strength, Senate leader Mentas Blaque convened an emergency session of the nation's legislative body. Though many members were away from Villore on official duties with their various constituencies, there were more than enough Senators present to constitute a quorum.

The only item on the agenda for the emergency session was the decision of how to respond to the Caldari incursion into Gallente space. In an unprecedented unanimous vote - the fastest in Federation history - every Senator present elected to approve the declaration of war.

With the measure approved, president Souro Foiritan has been given emergency administrative powers, and is already meeting with his senior military leadership to plan the Federation's reaction to the unprovoked invasion of their homeland.