Gallente Presidential Election Enters Advance Voting Stage

New Eden News | YC117-01-23

VILLORE - Advance voting in the Gallente Presidential election began across all Federation territories at 00.00 EST this morning. The opening of the advance voting stage in this Presidential election comes as current affairs in New Eden are overshadowed by the extraordinary events of the last few months, beginning with the detection of the "Caroline's Star" anomaly by capsuleers on November 26th YC116.

Despite muted campaigning, amidst a near blackout on government communications with interstellar media organizations during this period, the issues of the campaign promise to be hotly contested during this vital period of the election. With President Jacus Roden standing for his second term under the so-called "Foiritan Amendment" to the federal constitution, the list of his challengers has grown to five additional candidates. These include previous presidential candidate Governor Celes Aguard, runner up to Jacus Roden in the YC111 election. The other candidates are retired military officer Eliaron Idama, the noted digital artist Kelen Ontbad, the actress Serena Nova, and the former mayor of Arcurio and Caldari Prime resistance fighter Shaileen Ramnev.

The Scope will be following the election closely in the run up to close of voting on January 29th.