Gallente President Foiritan concerned for Emperor

New Eden News | YC105-09-12

The Federation's President, Souro Foiritan, is reportedly gravely concerned about developments within the Amarr Empire, where Emperor Heideran VII has remained out of sight for days. Yesterday the President appeared before the Senate to discuss budgetary issues, but he took the opportunity to discuss the situation within the Amarr Empire. President Foiritan did not hide his admiration for the Emperor, which he described as having 'dragged the world kicking and screaming from a state of perpetual petty rivalries to a state of peace and prosperity.' He continued by saying that the Emperor was a 'shining beacon of light guiding us to safer havens and that if this light would go out we would be lost in this dark and turbulent sea that is inter-stellar relations.' Flowery words indeed, but political analysts tend to agree with the statements made by the president. President Foiritan nevertheless remained optimistic that Emperor Heideran would reemerge soon stronger than ever, and that his message of amity would resound throughout the civilized world for eternity.