Gallente holoreel stars massacred en route to gala screening - holoreels available at discount prices

New Eden News | YC106-03-31

This just in: A convoy carrying Helene Lavergne and Nazarine Ancelmo, famed Gallente holoreel actresses, was reportedly intercepted and brutally slaughtered in the Amattens system just under an hour ago. Balgor Blint, an escort wingman who managed to narrowly effect an escape in his capsule, claims the convoy was ambushed by a mixed squadron of interceptors and frigate missile boats which quickly decimated its defenses, leaving him the only survivor.

According to Blint, the actresses were heading for the as-yet undisclosed location where the cream of Gallente celebrity will be rubbing shoulders tonight: the gala screening of Alanor Smitheen’s “Ultra!,” described by its hosts as “the party of the century.” Quizzed over the event’s location Blint denied any knowledge, stating that only the convoy escort captain had had knowledge of their final destination.

The motivation for the attack is unclear at this point. At the time of writing no group has stepped forward to claim responsibility. A Quafe source who wishes to remain unknown admitted that Quafe Corp has received threats from a mysterious organization named UDI ( United against Decadence and Impurity ) , demanding that the holoreel Ultra! is pulled from the market immediately and all existing copies of it burned. UDI claims it will “cleanse those who chose to soil young minds with fire and death.” It is not known whether the assailants were affiliated with UDI or were acting on their behalf.

In response to the attack, a Quafe Corp spokesman was quoted as saying: “Quafe corp will never bow to faceless pressure groups or accept censorship in any form. Freedom of expression is an important right Gallentean civilians have and we must never let anyone take that away from us. There are many injustices in this universe, entire nations whose leaders chose to dictate what is wrong and what is right, what is immoral and what is not. We as a free people are given the right to choose for ourselves, as is our human right. If we surrender to outside forces and allow them to limit our expression, our beliefs, then we have not only failed as Gallenteans, we have failed as human beings.” He added that holoreels starring Helene Lavergne and Nazarine Ancelmo were being sold at 13% discount prices at selected outlets, in honor of their memory.

Helene Lavergne was 36 years old, best known for her work on long-running Gallente soap opera Time And Time Again , as well as leading roles in several feature reels over the years. She is survived by her two sons, Robert, 8, and Fizner, 9.

Nazarine Ancelmo was 31 years old, exuberant star of the Arathea Blake: Merc Girl series. A well known actress from the adult holoreel industry, Nazarine’s career took a 180 degree turn when she starred in “Breaking away”, a melodrama about an estranged housewife who’s unhappy relationship with a battleship commander ends with tragedy as depression and substance abuse devour her life.

She is survived by her husband, actor Dermot Ancelmo.