Gallente Emergency Infrastructure Prepares for Overload

New Eden News | YC111-03-10

SEYLINN - As the first survivor freighters begin to leave the planet of Seyllin I, Gallente medical facilities near and far are preparing for an overload of the wounded. Local emergency management offices have issued triage instructions for the facilities under their control, however already signs point to unclear co-ordination between the central relief efforts in Seyllin, and the numerous facilities around the region.

The largest struggle has been where to ship those in need of critical and immediate care, and those in need of less intense medical attention. Disaster shelters are being erected around major medical facilities, and nearby large public facilities such as sports stadiums and even local government halls are being prepared to receive the wounded.

One major item of concern for the emergency services is the large number of irradiated people who will require quick treatment if they are to survive. Local hospitals already report their stocks of radiation treatment drugs and scrubbing facilities will be inadequate to handle the large volumes of people requiring treatment. Patient separation is also of concern to the medical services, and plans are being frantically drawn to confine irradiated survivors to ships in space, and bring the treatment to them before allowing them passage to the surface to receive medical attention for other wounds.

Unconfirmed reports also state that the Serpentis organization, usually accustomed to keeping a low media profile, has offered support in the form of various medical supplies, including sedatives and anesthetics. No official confirmation of this approach, nor a reply from the emergency management offices, has been issued at this time.