Gallente Capsuleer Corporations Continue to Offer Support for Intaki Prime Relief

New Eden News | YC111-09-10

Intaki Prime, Placid - Since news broke of the shortages upon Intaki Prime, Carlani Hudson, of Hudson Industries [HDIN] has been delivering aid to a station above the planet. The items are then placed into a waiting hangar, where they sit until they can eventually be brought down to Intaki Prime. It is a relief effort that has seen more than 400 Million ISK worth of supplies delivered.

Since an article was published revealing the effort by the Intaki Liberation Front [ILF] for the Intaki people, there has been a large response from Carlani and other Gallente pilots, who wish to remind New Eden that capsuleers loyal to the Federation have not forgotten Intaki Prime either.

The shortages have seen corporations such as [HDIN] and Placid Reborn give relentless support and supplies for the Intaki Prime relief. Carlani revealed her personal contribution so far as: "45,000 Synthetic Oil, 6,528 Consumer Electronics, 62,000 Antibiotics, 55,000 Electronic Parts, 25,115 Frozen Food and 85,000 Mechanical Parts."

While relief continues to be sent to Intaki Prime, other pilots see only one way to solve the shortages the planet is currently suffering from. One such pilot, is Val Erian, who put the blame on the Caldari presence: "The Caldari Occupation of the Intaki System is the cause of the shortages and unrest. Short term relief while laudable is just a stop gap measure. Remove the Caldari and there is no need for relief."

There have been accusations among some capsuleers that the Gallente Federation has not done enough to help its own citizens and has been too late in seeing the long term intentions of the Caldari. Val Erian, a Luminaire General within the Federal Defence Union [FDU] told how violence could now be the only solution: "Unless the Caldari are willing to withdraw peacefully, I don't see any other way."

During the war, tensions had developed between [ILF] and pilots of the [FDU] with pilots doubting the neutrality of the [ILF] due to claims that some of [ILF] members had aided the Caldari invasion of Intaki. However with relations between them slowly improving, Val Erian called for them to show unity in front of their true enemies: "I now urge them to focus on the true reason for current problems in Intaki, the Caldari occupation and to join us, for the future of a free Intaki that can determine its own fate."

Despite the conflict, pilots like Carlani Hudson will continue with the relief effort, supporting Intaki Prime for as long as is necessary. However, it is clear that the majority of pilots believe violence to be the only solution with one stating: "We have fought for our way of life and values for centuries, And we will keep on fighting."

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