Galactic Hour News Roundup: Triglavian Totality Edition

New Eden News | YC122-10-22 - By Ret Gloriaxx

The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings your roundup of the latest news from around the cluster, in a momentous week that has seen massive disruptions to the stargate network as the Triglavian Collective's stellar manipulations altered the map of New Eden.

CONCORD Empires Agree Continued Support for EDENCOM via New Eden Defense Fund

Yulai, Genesis - Core empire delegates agreed continued funding and material support for EDENCOM at yesterday's CONCORD Inner Circle meeting in Yulai. The agreement stipulates ongoing funding from the New Eden Defense Fund and secondment of military units to EDENCOM command, as was the case throughout the Triglavian invasions. The agreement also provides for cross-empire co-operation, permitting EDENCOM fleets drawn from multiple member states to operate in joint taskforces.

While observers of interstellar diplomacy expected the resourcing of EDENCOM by CONCORD and the empires to continue, Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir made a clear case for the importance of maintaining the New Eden Common Defense Initiative as a standing force. Marshal Valkanir asserted that it would be vital for EDENCOM to be capable both of responding to further Triglavian aggression and strike into the occupied systems making up the new Triglavian region of "Pochven".

CONCORD sources have told the Scope that empire delegates expressed broad support for EDENCOM based on the successful defense of nearly 150 systems, and the total fortification of over 50 systems subjected to heavy invasion efforts by the Triglavian Collective. While the Caldari State's territories took the brunt of losses, it is known that leaders and authorities within all empires privately believe that the outcome across New Eden could have been much worse.

Projections by military experts on the Scope's staff suggest that without the united command of EDENCOM, and particularly the formidable support of loyal capsuleers, the number of lost systems could have totalled as many as 81. Science specialists assigned to determining the strategic goals of the Collective suggest the invasions were aimed at gaining control of at least 21 systems, to include a specific set of star types, with the goal of initiating simultaneous stellar events within a particular timeframe.

Other analysts suggest the resources of the Triglavian Collective were brought below a presumed strategic reserve level when they launched the final offensive that brought their conquests to 27 systems. This school of thought notes the pause in invasion operations between the fall of Krirald and the stargate disruption event, and also points out that the wave of attacks fell short of doubling the A0 star systems under Triglavian control.

Above: CONCORD Bureau, Yulai IX (Kjarval)

Inner Circle Agrees New Distribution and Security Measures After SCC and DED Analysis of Bounty Funding Efficiency

Yulai, Genesis - In additional business at yesterday's Inner Circle meeting, the executive body of CONCORD agreed to proceed with new funding distribution and security measures aimed at improving the targeting and efficiency of the longstanding bounty programs of the DED and empires.

In particular, the SCC and DED presented an analysis of bounty funds disbursements compared with renegade, pirate and other criminal activities in the outer regions, showing systemic failures in the current joint DED and empire programs involving contracting of security surveillance to independent capsuleers. The Caldari State had requested the analysis following intelligence from both Ishukone Watch and Lai Dai Protection Services indicating separate Guristas Pirates and Angel Cartel efforts to subvert monitoring and disbursement protocols.

The Inner Circle has ordered that the SCC urgently institute new security and monitoring for freelancer reward funding, and take full responsibility for bounty programs in nullsec. DED surveillance and intervention operations will continue, with the division's nullsec focus being on intelligence work, tracking and anticipating criminal and terrorist activity in the outer regions.

Above: Rogue Drone "Progenitor" under attack by Triglavian vessels in Pochven (credit: Aria Jenneth)

Drifters and Rogue Drones Sighted Fighting Triglavian Forces in "Pochven" Region

Pochven - EDENCOM forces and loyal capsuleers have reported numerous sightings of Drifter and Rogue Drone forces in conflict with the occupying Triglavian forces in the "Pochven" region formed by Triglavian stellar manipulations. EDENCOM is continuing to deploy expeditions to assess the status of the occupied star systems and evaluate the possibility of continued resistance support and civilian evacuations.

While it was anticipated that EDENCOM operations in Pochven would meet resistance by Triglavian Collective forces, the effort has also been hindered by the presence of numerous Drifter strike forces and Rogue Drone swarms. An assessment of the ingress routes into the region is underway, with preliminary surveys indicating the altered space-time topologies of the occupied systems has caused a number of new unstable wormhole links to emerge.

EDENCOM scientists have not ruled out the possibility that Drifter and Rogue Drone manipulations, together with a large use of conduit and filament technology by Triglavians and capsuleers is radically altering the underlying topology of the linked systems of Pochven. The nature of the changes to the occupied systems and the space-time topology of New Eden in general is not yet established, and many scientists believe that the period of such changes is not yet over.

Above: An altered Sakenta III in transmuted glare of the system 's primary

Caldari Resistance in Sakenta III Renews Contact with Caldari Navy Scouting Forces

Sakenta, Krai Perun - Fresh reports from Sakenta system indicate the resistance forces on Sakenta III are still operating despite a lengthy period of occupation by the Triglavian Collective. Among the numerous occupied Caldari State systems in Triglavian space, Sakenta was an early conquest by the Triglavians, falling in mid June to the invaders. Caldari Navy Marine Scouts were reportedly able to link up with the Sakenta III resistance network some days ago and operations to impede the Triglavian Perun Clade's hold on the planet apparently continue.

Before the collapse of gate connections and formation of Pochven, the most recent reports from Sakenta suggested the resistance on both Sakenta III and V had collapsed or been eradicated. The overall situation remains unclear and there has been little contact with Sakenta V, which the Triglavians have apparently favored as a primary planetary base of operations in the system. Triglavian efforts at bioadapting the population of Sakenta are reportedly being accelerated as their widescale planetary "nanoforming" efforts have begun to alter the atmospheric, hydrological and geological parameters of planets under their control.

In the Caldari State and corporate authorities continue to call for calm amidst continuing protests over the conduct of the Caldari system defense during the invasions. Protests had diminished during the stargate disruption crisis, with megacorporate handling of the immediate emergency broadly perceived as competent and necessary to support by most citizens. Popular ire has however returned its focus to the fate of the occupied systems and pressure on the CEP and "Big 8" megacorps continues to be at its highest since the "Provist Revolution" of YC110.

Above: Evacuation flight from Skarkon under attack by Triglavian forces

Chaos and Conflict on Skarkon Continues as Propaganda and Facts Blur Together

Skarkon, Krai Svarog - The Minmatar system of Skarkon continues to be a source of disturbing and confused reports as occupation by the Triglavian Svarog Clade has thrown a system already plagued by conflict into total chaos. Reports from the periods immediately preceding and following the stargate collapse event suggested that the Triglavian Svarog and Veles Clades were engaged in a territorial conflict over Skarkon, with the Svarog evidently establishing a stronger claim ultimately.

With the evacuation of the relatively low-population Krirald system considered successful overall, the primary focus of Republic authorities has been on the plight of the millions that remain in Skarkon, particularly on the heavily-industrialized and high-population second planet. Nevertheless, the Tribal Council has reaffirmed that both Krirald and Skarkon are "sovereign possessions of the Seven Tribes of Matar" and has ordered operations aimed at restoring them to Minmatar control to continue in both systems.

Claims the Republic's system government and military have abandoned Skarkon have been described by Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor as "baseless slander and lies by traitors to humanity who have aligned themselves with the brutal Triglavian invaders." Khumatar and System Governor Kril Efrit, who has remained in Skarkon, has been commissioned as a Valklear General commanding the official Skarkon Tribal Resistance Army by order of the Tribal Council.

Updated accounts of the final evacuation flights from Skarkon II and the former Republic Parliament station have told of Triglavian invasion units cutting off access to spaceports and docking bays during their final assaults on system infrastructure. It is claimed that Svarog units are particularly brutal and indiscriminate when attacking. The final flights to escape intact from the Parliament station have reported Svarog Clade carried out boarding assaults with heavy infantry equipped with powered armor, personal shields and kinetic weapons. A number of evacuation ships were trapped or heavily damaged, apparently leading to several being destroyed in space before they could escape.

Above: Veles Clade occupied station (Vale II in far background)

Federation Senate Calls on Administration to Urgently Investigate Possible Evacuation of Occupied Gallente Systems

Vale, Krai Veles - The Federation Senate has passed an advisory motion urging the administration of President Celes Aguard to investigate further possible means of evacuating Gallente systems under Triglavian control in Pochven. The move follows resumption of contact with the heavily-populated worlds of occupied Vale, confirming that many billions remain alive in the system.

While the Federation lost relatively few systems, the conquest of highly-developed Vale and its numerous populated planets was a devastating blow to the Gallente government and citizenry. Although there are also deep concerns over the fate of remaining civilians on Gallente worlds such as Ignebaener V and Angymonne IV, the tragic loss of Vale has dominated the social and political response to the Triglavian invasions in the Federation.

In particular, reports of widespread Triglavian alterations to the biospheres of the Vale planets have shocked Federation citizens and driven political calls for action. Against this background, claims of Veles Clade beneficence in Vale have been made by so-called "Kybernaut" capsuleers and the Internal Triglavian Revolutionary Organization, also styling itself as "Intriguerre". Such claims have been universally dismissed by Federation politicians as propaganda aimed at excusing naked aggression, mass murder and atrocity warfare.

Despite this political response, reports that much of the population on Vale is co-operating with the occupation forces continue to trickle through the "information quarantine" established by EDENCOM. Persistent reports credit Veles Clade with making available protective bioadaptation alongside the extensive planetary "nanoforming" that appears to involve massive deployments of Triglavian "mutaplasmid" technology. President Celes Aguard herself was moved to comment that [alleged Veles Clade concern for the population of Vale] "strikes me as rather akin to the tender mercies the Garouni Spitting Spider lavishes on the prey it keeps in its silken larder".

Above: Triglavian Stellar Transmuter in shutdown state, orbit of Arshat primary star

Amarr Empire Focuses on Territorial Integrity and Analysis of Triglavan Stellar Manipulation

Arshat, Domain - Emerging from the Triglavian invasions with relatively lights losses in terms of systems occupied and populations trapped or displaced, the Amarr Empire has adopted a strong focus on ensuring the security of the greater Amarr Empire, Khanid Kingdom and Ammatar Mandate in the aftermath. Despite some early dismay among the Holder classes at losses such as Raravoss, Harva and Niarja, criticism of the conduct of the war from Amarr elites became muted as Amarr forces established effective defensive doctrines and the strategic position stabilized.

While the severing of the Niarja-Kaaputenen corridor remains a matter of deep concern, Imperial authorities have established further secured jump links to the Caldari State in conjunction with the Empire's closest ally. Essential military and industrial traffic is flowing between Empire and State at "acceptable levels" according to the Amarr Trade Registry. Exploratory planning for establishing a new primary civilian stargate link is said to have begun but there has been no public commitment from the Amarr Empire or Caldari State as yet.

One notable item of progress within Amarr territory, widely hailed by the Amarr Certified News service, has been the successful shutdown of the Triglavian stellar transmuter captured by EDENCOM forces following the victory in Arshat system. Despite the scientific and technical effort being led by a cross-empire science group, and with questions raised over the exact circumstances of the shutdown, Amarr authorities clearly consider it an important element of a propaganda effort aimed at projecting stability throughout the Empire.

In Other News

  • High-Ranking EDENCOM Cultural Intelligence Operatives Missing in Triglavian Territory, DED Sources Claim

  • PKN Interstellar Accuses Guristas of "Taking Advantage of Invasions to Defraud and Embezzle State Corporations"

  • Amarr Empire Reportedly Accelerating Rearmament Programs Across Territories; Imperial Authorities Refuse to Comment

  • Caille Rogue Drone Cultural Exchange Society Offices Bombed Again; No Deaths and No Suspects, say Caille Gendarmes

  • House Sarum Military Circuit Refuses to Confirm or Deny Rumors of Massive Buildup of Planetary Assault Forces

  • Jita 4-4 Expansion Project Back on Track Following Delays Caused by Wartime Appropriations, reports PKN Interstellar

  • Increasing Blood Raider Activity on "Fringes" of Amarr Empire a "Matter of Heightened Concern" to Ammatar Fleet

  • Republic Denies Position of Floseswin IV Untenable; Fleet and Territorial Guards Point to Enhanced Planetary Fortifications

  • Former Executive Governor of DCMI Dynacity 4 on Kaunokka III Assassinated on New Caldari Prime; Spacelane Patrol Investigating