Galactic Hour News Roundup: Semiotic Shenanigans Edition

New Eden News | YC121-04-12 - By Ret Gloriaxx

The Scope 's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings a roundup of news from around New Eden to GalNet as mysterious communications believed to originate from Triglavian sources continue to fuel speculation among capsuleers of an impending "invasion".

Capsuleers Pore Over Triglavian Data Routed to Holders of Semiosis Devices

For some weeks, capsuleers have been receiving data that appears to be Triglavian in origin and sharing their findings with the public. The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx commends these efforts and notes that capsuleer deciphering efforts, combined with exploration of Abyssal Deadspace pockets containing vast construction yards, are the main source of information concerning Triglavian activity and intentions. When reached for comment, Captain Oveg Drust of the DED's SARO division said, "Capsuleer arrogance over these classified matters continues to wax strongly and has led to multiple incidents where CONCORD has been forced to put in place countervailing measures. Even now a capsuleer madman is attempting to provoke an incident in Pator and these meddlers in ARC, LUMEN and other capsuleer groups are essentially aiding and abetting him. This recklessness must stop."

Sansha 's Nation a Target for Triglavian Extirpation Efforts

Military experts and posthumanist philsophers alike have told the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx that Sansha's Nation seems to be a target for Triglavian hostility, with repeated references to "extirpation" of "hivemind corruption" and "hivelinked" entities. Dr. Umberto Pendulo of the University of Caille's Department of Posthuman Studies, and author of Meta-archaeology of the Epistemological Crisis , told us that, "There are significant indications of a deep hostility towards forms of posthumanity that involve so-called 'hive minds', which would presumably include Sansha's Nation and almost certainly their supporters." Colonel Cromwell en Sud, a retired Federal Marines officer, said, "If I were a capsuleer supporter of Sansha, I'd be getting worried. Mind you, if the Trigs want to take out the drillheads for us that'd be just fine!"

Public Debate on Death Penalty Spills Over Into Violence as Senate Procedure Stalls Bill

In the Gallente Federation, the slow passage of the "Bellaron Bill" aiming to outlaw capital punishment has allowed a substantial public debate on the death penalty to develop on most Gallente worlds. Senator Suvio Bellaron's bill was tabled for debate by the full Federal Senate but has been held up as procedural wrangles have resulted in it moving up and down the Senate schedule. Meanwhile, proponents of the bill accuse special interests from constituent states that retain the death penalty of using "dirty tricks". Last night, a rally to support the measure was held in the center of Clovis, the main federal city on Chandeille, but broke up in violent scenes as pro-death penalty groups clashed with rallygoers. Dr. Arturio Kiervalan, speaking at the rally on behalf of Aidonis Medical, told the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx that, "I've seen political violence in many places, such as when I served in refugee camps in the Minmatar Republic, but it's especially sad to see it in the Federation. It won't stop this movement though. The end of capital punishment is coming."

Khanid Kingdom Still Pursuing Legal Remedies Over Fabai Constellation

The Amarr Imperial Court is reported to be the scene of a growing legal wrangle between House Khanid and two vassal families of House Kador over the disputed Fabai constellation at the Aridia border with the Khanid Kingdom. Recent events in Anath system, which involved Royal Khanid Navy forces relieving the system from a devastating Blood Raider attack, put a spotlight on the weak security presence provided by responsible holder houses. In point of fact, the title of Holder of Fabai has been the subject of a seven-year legal tustle between House Jakad and House Pashtim at the court of the Royal Heir House of Kador. The two vassal houses of the Kador family are now alleged by House Khanid to have neglected the security of Fabai while arguing over the holdership of the constellation. A source in the Amarr Imperial Navy 's 7th Fleet has exclusively revealed to the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx that the Khanid claims are not without basis, with the 7th Fleet having to "constantly fill in gaps in the patrol schedule that is supposed to be maintained by the local house fleets."

Amarr legal observers are divided on whether the Khanid writ of destraint will prevail but note that House Kador itself has directed all its efforts in Aridia into the Mayonhen constellation, and may be vulnerable to a transfer of the primary fief of Fabai to meet obligations under Imperial law. Aga-Count Alar Chakaid, a key party in the Khanid case, reflected on the relief of Anath and continuing instability in Fabai, "It was a tragic scene, particularly on Anath II, but my own Royal Uhlans and the Navy did what we could. Fabai is a valued neighboring territory for us in the Kingdom, and my own home of Zirsem is a but a few jumps away. So you can understand the horror with which we view the Blooder incursions, and the contempt we feel for those who, even after that vile raid, could not be troubled to prevent opportunistic Minmatar terrorists and Ammatar traitors from exploiting the situation! It is clear that under Khanid protection Fabai would be safer and more prosperous."

Caldari State Confirms that Special Security Measures in Taisy Remain Intact

Following a recent report of Guristas raiding activity in Taisy, notorious as the location of the "Kyonoke Pit", the Caldari State has responded to requests from the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx for information concerning the raid, the apparent presence of a CONCORD AEGIS division monitoring station, and the security situation in the system and on the Taisy VIII, Moon 1 Kyonoke site itself. Responding for the Chief Executive Panel, spokesman Odo Hakaalen said, "The CEP is satisfied that State authorities and involved megacorporation security forces have maintained the integrity of the Hyasyoda-Kyonoke Superconductors Mine Pit on Taisy VIII, Moon 1. Caldari Navy forces and Home Guard units operating under subcontracted authority were not involved in the recent Guristas incident. Requests for information on that matter should be directed to CONCORD." The Scope has thus far received no response to our requests to AEGIS or other CONCORD divisions for comment on the Taisy raid.

Mordu 's Legion to Hold Large-Scale Exercises in Intaki and Luminaire systems with Caldari and Gallente PMCs

Mordu's Legion has announced that it intends to host and hold a series of exercises in the Intaki and Luminaire systems in the coming weeks. These exercises will involve a number of private military companies, including Condotta Rouvenor, Isuuaya Tactical, Kirkinen Risk Control, Resheph Interstellar Strategy, Villore Sec Ops, and Zumari Force Projection. The annoucement follows on from last month's summit on Intaki Prime, at which Mordu's Legion gathered a number of Caldari and Gallente PMCs to discuss the private military and mercenary contracting sector across the State and Federation.

Order of St. Tetrimon Establishes a Chapter in Ammatar Mandate at Invitation of Lord Arim Ardishapur

Sources at the court of House Ardishapur in Ves-Arkon, Ardishapur Prime IX, have told the Scope 's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx that a new chapter of the Order of St. Tetrimon is being established in the Ammatar Mandate at the invitation of Royal Heir Arim Ardishapur. The new chapter is to be formed around a core of volunteers from the Mother Chapter of the Tetrimon Order and has apparently been given special dispensation to recruit new members from the Ardishapur demesne, which includes key systems in Domain and the entirety of the Derelik region. Rumours also suggest that Lord Ardishapur has given permission for the construction of a fortress-monastery on the planet of Halturzhan in Jarizza system, tasking House Ardishapur's 1st Mandate Redemptionist Brigade to provide engineering and logistical support to the Order of St. Tetrimon.

Krusual Tribe Celebrates Wildly as YC121 Matar Global Mind Clash Tournament is Won by the "Black Dragon"

Zirud Mikkela, the veteran Krusual Mind Clash player known as the "Black Dragon", has finally won the Matar Global Mind Clash Tournament after almost a decade at the top of the Minmatar Mind Clash tour. Mikkela's victory over three-times Matar Global Champion Effegod "Copper Snake" Xhoara led to wild scenes of jubilation in Krusual communities as their champion unseated the Brutor Clash Master. The Black Dragon will now gain an automatic place at the Mind Clash Worlds Championships to be held at the famed Grand Tiegjon Casino at the end of this year's Clash season. For Mikkela, a Clash Master for ten years, the five-times Krusual Tribal Champion, and twice winner of the Matar Masters Series, his first win of the Global title that so long eluded him is surely the culmination of his career so far.