Galactic Hour News Roundup: Invaders from the Abyss Edition

New Eden News | YC121-06-04 - By Ret Gloriaxx

The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings your roundup of the latest news from around New Eden as Triglavian invaders from Abyssal Deadspace roam throughout "high-security space" while CONCORD advises the people of the Cluster to "remain in situ and stay calm".

Invasion Fleets Roaming at Will Across High-Security Space

Yulai, Genesis - Since the first appearance of Triglavian ships in clusters of systems centered on Colelie, Haatomo and Yuhelia last Tuesday, a large number of systems across New Eden have been visited by roaming fleets of Triglavian vessels. So far Triglavian forces appear to have restricted themselves to extensive scouting operations, though they have ruthlessly attacked many space vessels coming within their field of operations.

Systems with Triglavian scouts present are afflicted with a number of different effects that are said to be a consequence of extensive use of Triglavian spatio-temporal conduits and their singularity-based technology. Some analysts are speculating that the Triglavians are carrying out deliberate experiments in altering the nature of local space-time.

Perhaps more disturbing is the evident interference with communications networks in systems visited by the roaming fleets, with Triglavian information warfare apparently capable of penetrating SCC networks and the secure stargate and station information protocols. CONCORD officials remain tight-lipped beyond maintaining that the situation is "contained" and encouraging independent capsuleers to aid in efforts to remove the roaming fleets from space.

CONCORD Response Criticized by System and Planetary Authorities

Yulai, Genesis - Representatives of systems invaded by Triglavian roaming fleets, and major planetary governments in such systems, have been criticizing the response of CONCORD to the Triglavian presence in their local space. Federal System Governor Cirial DuFey of Orvolle described the DED response as "feeble and not much better than the Federal Navy's efforts" in a blast at both CONCORD and the Federation's response. Gallente Federation delegates to the CONCORD Assembly, elected from the Federal Districts, have been amongst the most vocal critics of CONCORD's policy of "containment".

Republic Militia General Volgar Kulsebok of the Hek Civil Defense District, covering Ani, Barvigard and Fribrodi constellations in the Metropolis region, expressed himself as "unsurprised by the lackluster response by CONCORD" and reflected that he had gained "much more co-operation" from his colleagues in the Federal Militia of the Algintal Constellation. General Volgar noted the "sterling efforts of capsuleers in fighting against the Triglavian incursion centered on Colelie system which affected both the Republic and Federation".

Amarr authorities have so far been silent with respect to CONCORD's activities but a number of planetary Holders have complained about the restriction on trade caused by the incursions. System- and constellation-level Holders, responsible for enforcing the non-capsuleer trade route closures imposed by Imperial defense policy, have restricted themselves to issuing security notices but the Imperial Court at Dam-Torsad has been swollen by large numbers of representatives in the last few days. The Caldari State for its part has been releasing large numbers of weapons from its extensive stocks to system and planetary defense forces and has asserted that it will not rely on CONCORD for "any part of the necessary defense of the Caldari State".

New Eden Powers Hold Summit on Invasion Defense and Co-operation

FDZ4-A, Geminate - In response to the invitation of the Society of Conscious Thought, the New Eden powers comprising the five members of the Inner Circle, together with CONCORD delegates, have assembled at a secure location in the SoCT-controlled system of FDZ4-A. Delegations from many other sovereign powers have been invited, including the Intaki Syndicate, Mordu's Legion, ORE and Servant Sisters of EVE. Representatives from associate polities such as the Ammatar Mandate, Khanid Kingdom and Thukker Tribe are also in attendance.

Extraordinarily, representatives from the Angel Cartel, Guristas and Serpentis organizations have also been invited, at the special insistence of the SoCT. The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx has been informed that no delegations from the Blood Raider Covenant or Sansha's Nation have been invited to the summit.

Supreme Court Strikes Down FIO Injunction on Invasion Reporting; Notes Capsuleer News Services Render Issue Moot

Villore, Essence - In an urgent weekend hearing granted by the Supreme Court of the Gallente Federation, a panel of seven Supreme Court Justices gave summary judgment unanimously striking down an injunction obtained by the Federal Intelligence Office preventing detailed reporting of the Triglavian invasion by news agencies registered in the Federation. Chief Justice Broyal Alserette additionally indicated that the full court of thirteen Justices would decline any request by the Federal government to hold an en banc hearing on reimposing the injunction.

The hearing panel noted in their decision that the injunction was rendered null and void for effect, and therefore moot in its entirety, due to the widespread access to capsuleer news services guaranteed to citizens of the Federation living in space installations and colonies covered by the Yulai Convention's provisions on FTL communications routing. Three of the Justices joined in a supplementary opinion that the federal injunction verged upon unconstitutionality for effectively introducing a disparity in access to information based on the domicile of Federal citizens. The FIO offered no comment after the judgment was handed down.

The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx joins with our colleagues in all news outlets to celebrate this important reaffirmation of the important role of quality, well-researched and hard-hitting journalism under the Federal constitution.

In Other News

  • Intaki Terrorists "Carry Out Attacks Against Khanid Kingdom"; RKN Dismisses Claims as "Fabrications"

  • Republic Justice Department Opens Investigation Into Seykal Clan Over Wanted Slaver Orlon Zashev

  • New Aerospace Defense Net Construction on New Caldari Prime Jointly Funded by Big 8 MegaCorps

  • Royal Heir Arim Ardishapur Begins Tour of Ammatar Mandate Despite Triglavian Threat

  • Krusual Tribal Leadership Refuses to Comment on Rumors of Tronhadar Valley Fortresses Being Reactivated

  • Khanid Nobles Appointed to Theology Council Include Duke Fayez of Youledian and Aga-Count Chakaid of Kahah III

  • Federal Senate Funds and Invokes War Powers Extension of Mercenary Contracts in Luminaire and Intaki Prime