Galactic Hour News Roundup: Flashpoints and Diplomacy Edition

New Eden News | YC121-10-21 - By Ret Gloriaxx

The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings your roundup of the latest news from all across New Eden as flashpoints in the Caldari-Gallente and Amarr-Minmatar warzones are the scene of conflict and furious diplomatic activity.

Intaki Assembly Agrees to Unconditional Evacuation for Lai Dai Forces on Intaki V

Intaki, Placid - The Intaki Assembly has signed an agreement providing for the "unconditional and unrestricted evacuation of the LDPS 203rd Combined Asset Protection Regiment and allied forces from the Kainta Yavaat Transorbital Facility." The agreement comes against a background of continuing Federal Defense Union control of the Viriette constellation and the presence of a Federal Marine force on Intaki V itself.

The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx has learned that the agreement between the Intaki Assembly and Lai Dai includes an undertaking to provide disarmament codes for an extensive array of "disposable autonomous defense, denial and interdiction" (DADDI) systems that have been seeded in a wide band of territory surrounding the transorbital facility. Reports from Intaki V have alleged that DADDI munitions and drones have been responsible for hundreds of deaths and injuries since the 203rd CAP Regiment retreated behind their fortifications at Kainta Yavaat. Lai Dai representatives have disavowed responsibility for the DADDI systems in the region and claim the codes were obtained through "intelligence operations against independent mercenary groups."

Despite the seemingly noble goal of ensuring the disarmament of countless deadly and indiscriminate weapons scattered across the exclusion zone, the Intaki Assembly has come under repeated fire from protestors, non-governmental organizations and radical political parties over alleged payments made to assembly members by Lai Dai. The Scope understands that LDPS evacuation flights have already begun and are being escorted by CONCORD conflict monitoring units.

House Sarum Orders Mobilization and "Reclaiming" in Reaction to Alleged "Militia Corruption"

Sarum Prime, Domain - House Sarum has signalled an escalation of military operations, following accusations of "militia corruption" in the Amarr-Minmatar warzone governed by the CONCORD Emergency Militia War Powers Act (CEMWPA) of YC110. In a response to allegations of collusion between Amarr and Minmatar militia groups, the Private Secretary of Royal Heir Arrach Sarum, Lord Qatib Olacar xer Sarum, relayed orders to "redouble efforts" in Devoid and the Bleak Lands, and specifically designated the Arzad system a "priority objective."

More controversially, the House Sarum representative also announced the commissioning of "labour acquisition expeditions" to the "Upper Rebel Provinces" and an order for the "full reclaiming" of Floseswin IV. According to the recent reorganization of territory in the Amarr Empire, the Upper Rebel Provinces refers to the Minmatar Republic's Metropolis region, though this is believed for practical purposes to be limited to operations in the militia warzone. Minmatar Republic officials have reacted with extreme hostility to the implication that "slave-taking contrary to CONCORD law and treaties between Republic and Empire" will be carried out in the Metropolis warzone systems.

In response to requests for clarification on its position, the Royal House of Ardishapur, which has notional territorial responsibility for the "Lower Rebel Provinces" or Heimatar and Molden Heath regions, has stated that it is "focused on the defense of Derelik from Triglavian and Blood Raider threats, while providing firm support to our loyal militias in the warzone." House Ardishapur has also stated that it is "far more concerned by allegations of corruption among 24th Imperial Crusade officials and has recommended the Ministry of Internal Order investigate irregular convoy activity and suspicious financial activities."

CONCORD Inner Circle Debates Legality of Occupied Warzone Planetary Operations

Yulai, Genesis - CONCORD's Inner Circle has convened a meeting to discuss the legal status of planetary operations in the occupied warzones of the CEMWPA administered systems along the Caldari-Gallente and Amarr-Minmatar borders. With recent activity by Caldari PMCs and megacorporate forces and the threat of increased operations by Amarr house forces and mercenary groups, the Inner Circle is reported to be concerned that resources needed to combat the threat from Triglavian, Drifter and terrorist pirate groups will be diverted into escalating border conflicts.

The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx was able to ask Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh, the Amarr delegate to the Inner Circle, to comment on recent developments before he went into the closed session of the Inner Circle: "The position of the Imperial Throne on so-called "extralegal planetary incursions" is considerably affected by the continuing extralegal, as one might say, sanctions unilaterally imposed on the Amarr Empire and its subjects by the Gallente Federation and Minmatar Republic. Perhaps, if they are so keen to see an end to "extralegality" in interstellar affairs, they will reflect on the destabilizing effects of their policy of economic blockade and sabotage."

Delegates Keitan Yun of the Minmatar Republic and Devan Malate of the Gallente Federation were not available for comment before the Inner Circle session began.

Hyasyoda, Ishukone and Wiyrkomi Megacorporations Form "Combine TNR" Corporate Alliance

New Caldari, Kimotoro - Caldari State megacorporations Hyasyoda, Ishukone and Wiyrkomi have announced that they are now aligning their operations in a new corporate alliance. While the three megas remain entirely independent of one another, they intend to co-ordinate their interstellar business interests through a new jointly-owned trade and banking consortium called "Combine TNR".

The announcement follows a series of meetings between the three megacorps that culminated in a recent summit on the ocean world of Matigu in the New Caldari system. Hyasyoda, Ishukone and Wiyrkomi are now considered to be grouped into the Tiuunakama Nenkanavu Rymasaikkan , or "Ocean Winds Corporate Community", in a move that appears in large part to be a response to the recent formation of the PKN Interstellar consortium by the CBD, Nugoeihuvi and Lai Dai megacorporations.

Observers of Caldari corporate politics have noted that the recent formation of two major consortiums has effectively split the so-called "Patriot Faction" of Caldari megacorps and indicates a major realignment of the entire "Big 8" is ongoing. The prevailing assumption among analysts is that Kaalakiota and Suukuvestaa will soon declare their own corporate alliance.

Federal Elections Commission Sets Gallente Presidental Election Date

Villore, Essence - The Gallente Federal Elections Commission has announced that the Federation Presidential Election will be held over the 28th and 29th of February YC122. The inauguration of the Federation President will take place on the 20th of March. The Presidential Election will be held alongside voting for 180 Federal Senate seats as per the system of electing a fifth of senatorial seats each year on a five-year cycle.

The announcement of the date has come after consultations with the Federal Senate, System Governors, Federal Military Commission and President Jacus Roden, following the "quadruple lock" regulations to ensure all federal territories continue to have access to the franchise despite prevailing conditions of conflict or other political considerations. The ongoing conflict with the Triglavian Collective has been of some concern to many looking forward to electing a new Federation President, but outgoing two-term President Jacus Roden has been vocal in his insistence that all Federation citizens will have the opportunity to exercise their democratic rights.

Gallente news media have been speculating on who will be the leading candidates for several months and now expect a series of declarations to mark the beginning of the campaign period running up to the end of February election weekend.

In Other News

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  • Kaalakiota and Suukuvestaa Hold New Round of Talks at Corporate Mountain Retreat on Achura

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