Freed child slaves massacred in Roushzar

New Eden News | YC105-09-09

A ship carrying several hundred slave children en route to Minmatar space was savagely attacked last night in the Roushzar system. The children, all under 15 years of age, had just been given freedom as part of the FAS program initiated by Doriam Kor-Azor and were on their way to relatives in the Republic to start a new life. The carrier ship was attacked by at least five heavily armed frigates and never stood a chance. There were no survivors. No one has claimed responsibility for the act, but paramilitary units loosely connected to the Sarum family have been mentioned as likely candidates. National leaders, as well as the CONCORD Inner Circle, have released harsh statements denouncing the attack. A spokesman for Jamyl Sarum says the heiress lamented the act, but could not condemn the perpetrators for 'acting on their beliefs for the good of the Empire.'