Fountain Alliance offers Support to Embarassed Federation

New Eden News | YC107-05-10

In a public statement, mere hours after news of the official Gallente Federation stance on the theft of the Molyneux, the Fountain Alliance has offered their support to the Federation Navy in any attempts to recover it.

"Fountain Alliance welcomes the Federation into its space, and will do all that it can to aid the process of returning the Molyneux to its rightful owners. We hope those who have aided Serpentis corporation will be treated as they deserve in Federation territory from this point onwards."

"Our Alliance authorities also hold intelligence on corporations and factions that aided serpentis in capturing and securing the arrival of the Titan to The Serpentis Prime system and are willing to share this information with the Gallente Federation."

You can read this statement in full here

Federation officials are yet to respond to this offer and no hint of any possible co-operation has been made by the Navy, but this soon after the announcement, and given the delicacy of this situation, that is not surprising.