Former Grand Admiral Einkur Aro family purchased by Arim Ardishapur

New Eden News | YC111-03-28

The recently-enslaved family of disgraced former Ammatar Fleet Grand Admiral Einkur Aro has been purchased by Arim Ardishapur. Arim Ardishapur, the nephew and heir-apparent of Royal Heir Yonis Ardishapur, has mostly kept out of the spotlight in recent years and little is known publicly about his policies. The purchase of the family - a wife, three sons, and two daughters - is one of the first public moves he has made.

The fate of the family had been a topic of debate among citizens of the Mandate and Empire since it was announced they would be enslaved as part of the punishment meted out to the Admiral following his guilty plea. Offers to purchase the family had come from across the Empire, Mandate, and even from the Khanid Kingdom. The highly public fate of the Admiral and his family created high demand from slave-owners, who viewed owning the family as a sign of prestige.

Arim Ardishapur released a short statement regarding the purchase. "The family of Einkur Aro shall take up a special place in my household, serving as favored slaves. Any who feared their possible mistreatment can rest assured that will not come to pass."