Footage from the Battle

New Eden News | YC107-06-10

The Amarrian Empire was struck by a shocking holoreel that was apparently smuggled out from Mabnen by Troops who were airlifted to safety from some of the areas which are seeing the worst fighting.

The material shows images of the 5th Regiment fighting an already lost battle with half of their men already dead or severely wounded. While the troops were already in an alert status following the incursion into Mabnen airspace they were not prepared for the onslaught they would encounter.

The holoreel recording started automatically when the perimeter alarm was triggered by a large group in insurgents, the first wave of them could be dealt with by the automated defense system of the base and the troops that had taken up a defensive position. The already outdated equipment could however not keep up with the sheer volume of attackers and one after the other the defenders fell at the more primitive weapons of their adversaries. As one Colonel in the recording put it: "They came over the walls, one after the other. the first wall was the bodies of their brothers, and when enough of them had died to our defense they climbed over them into our position. They had nothing to loose and all the hatred in the world on their side. Nothing we did could weaken their resolve or stem the flow. They were absolutely drenched in the blood of their kin, and with a fire in their eyes. For the first time in my years of service, I was afraid."

Although the Empire has tried desperately to keep this recording from entering circulation, it has spread like a wildfire and heated up the already existing panic in the Amarrian population. Weapons sales have reached a point where the demand cannot be met anymore and more. Thousands of terrified Amarrians have joined the Imperial navy in the hope of being able to retaliate, protect themselves and make those responsible pay.