Following the Fans: Energy and Money

New Eden News | YC110-03-08

Jakanerva, in the Okomon constellation of The Forge region, that great industrial hinterland of the State, is mainly the domain of the Sukuuvestaa megacorporation (SuVee) and its powerful partner, Caldari Steel. Operating numerous stations and having established installations on many moons in the system, these corporations have millions of workers spread across this highly industrialised system.

Perhaps scenting opportunities to provide entertainment to these workers, relative newcomer Echelon Entertainment also established installations in the system and today trades within the system and beyond. The GalNet and other communications networks spider through and across Jakanerva, as elsewhere, carrying, inevitably, coverage of the major sporting event of the day: The 5th Alliance Tournament.

Even though the capsuleer tournament was taken out of the hands of the Caldari Gaming Commission and is now run by the more neutral Independent Gaming Commission, the Caldari love of violent sport considerably overrides any sense of annoyance or loss of prestige that might have been caused by the transfer. The Caldari are, above all, pragmatic and as surely the most violent and thrilling sport in the Cluster, the capsuleer Alliance Tournaments always engage their passionate interest.

The industrial settlements in Jakanerva system are typical of many throughout the Caldari State and while workers labour long and hard hours, entertainment centres, drinking dens and shadier establishments can be found in profusion. The energy generation settlement on Jakanerva II M4, follows the usual pattern of a so-called 'DynaTown'. The massive graviton reactors occupy the centre of the small city. Spreading out around them are the subsidiary facilities, workshops and office complexes. Around the periphery are the various worker barracks and residential complexes.

DynaTown 2-4, as it is known, sits in a sheltered depression on a moon that has been subject to limited terraforming. The minimum required for ease of industrial settlement, with no consideration to comfort or longterm residential projects. The workers here do not like to spend time in the harsh outside environment. Most of the residential areas are domed over or have even acquired the attributes of minor arcologies.

Prominent in any of the various complexes are the entertainment centres where holovid-feeds from all parts of the State and beyond can be accessed. This access comes at a reasonable price, payable in company scrip, of course, no ISK is earned or spent by these people. In DynaTown 2-4, many of the channels and feeds are tuned to coverage of the Alliance Tournament. Even Splinterz and MindClash, so avidly followed by Caldari, lose ratings to the capsuleer combat event.

The men and women of DynaTown 2-4 work hard and play even harder. Betting reaches a frenzied pitch as workers often place all the spare scrip they have on the outcome of the matches. The sullen faces and bowed shoulders of those trudging out towards the sleep blocs indicate those who have lost all. Smiles and indulgence in drink and mild narcotics signal victory.

The workers spending their leisure time here only see space from the narrow ports of transit ships, if at all, yet they have their heroes among the capsuleers. They know the famous alliances and even individual pilots have a following. Some support is patriotic, Deteis and Civire pilots attract understandable favour. Others simply favour those they see as strong or crafty pilots, no matter their race. The Caldari famously enjoy violent sports but the Alliance Tournament perhaps offers escapism as well as satisfying their appetite for combative pursuits.

To be sure, all over the State, Caldari workers spend their time, and their money, watching and taking part, in a small way, in the great event that is the 5th Alliance Tournament.