First Seyllin Distress Call: 'Somebody please help us'

New Eden News | YC111-03-10

SEYLLIN 0940 - The first message received by Federation emergency services originated from the daytime side of Seyllin I near the city of Loadcore. The desperate plea-one of thousands received already-originated from a freight loading hangar just below the surface, where a group of workers are reportedly trapped beneath rubble brought down by an explosion.

Preliminary injury reports suggest that the victims were exposed to a lethal radiation blast, as an overwhelming number of cases consist of acute burns and radiation poisoning. SCOPE News has learned that a communications blackout remains over the day side of the planet, and that all transmissions originating from the cities of Loadcore and Southern Cross have been routed underground to the night side.

Analysts cannot rule out the possibility that this was an attack of some sort, as injury reports are consistent with the aftereffects of a massive nuclear strike.