Firefight erupts in New Caldari

New Eden News | YC107-05-04

In an unusual turn of events, Caldari corporation infighting erupted into a bloody public spectacle as Terra Infinitus' flagship was attacked and destroyed in front of shocked onlookers in the New Caldari system. The ship and is escorts had previously come under attack in the Jan system, and it appears the battleship was attempting to escape several ambushes. Unconfirmed reports indicate that several pilots lost ships as the fleet defended itself.

Surprisingly, automated CONCORD defences failed to respond and eliminate the assaulting craft at any time, raising concerns over the reliability of the system. CONCORD at this time has no comment about the incident, other than it is investigating.

One pilot, who preferred not to be identified, has stated that a mysterious figure known as Carth Joran of Perkone corporation was responsible for the hire of the pilots, to recover several starcharts from the flagship. However, records and statements from Perkone indicate that they have no "Carth Joran" working for them, and a CONCORD database search has yielded no result.

Investigations into this shady character continue.