FIO Takes Over Federal Freight Investigation

New Eden News | YC110-10-27

Leremblompes, Everyshore - An official spokesman for the Federal Intelligence Office yesterday announced that the investigation of last month's Federal Freight break-in has become a national security matter, from now on placed under the exclusive purview of the FIO itself. Local authorities previously responsible for investigating the crime have been sidelined, with agents of the Special Department of Internal Investigations (the so-called "Black Eagles") commandeering all the evidence, files, and investigative materials produced to date.

The move was undertaken following the disclosure of Federal Freight personnel that they could not vouch for the integrity of their data storage systems during the break-in. The number of Federation Navy supply contracts held by Federal Freight at the time of the break-in, coupled with the recent increase in offensive operations undertaken by the Caldari, has led to speculation that the break-in was motivated by espionage, rather than by vandalism as was initially suspected. The Federation Navy has suspended all contracts with Federal Freight until more information is brought to light.

While the FIO spokesman would not comment on the matter directly, unnamed sources within the government have indicated that several Federal Freight employees are now classified as "persons of interest" in the investigation. Federal Freight spokesman Michel Gevault has issued a statement that the company is "doing everything in its power to cooperate with the FIO." That reassurance did little for investors, however, as news of the Navy's contract suspensions sent the company's stock price tumbling.