Fifteen thousand Minmatar slaves to be emancipated, sent to Matar

New Eden News | YC106-03-17

The Amarr Imperial Chancellor’s Office today published a press release stating that just over fifteen thousand slaves from four of the Amarr empire’s largest slave colonies would be emancipated and transported to Matar, where they will be re-registered as full-standing citizens of the Minmatar Republic.

Stated Rakman Kasha, spokesman for the Chancellor’s Office, “In the interests of promoting peace between our two nations and mending the rift caused by years of violence, our beloved Emperor wishes to extend this gesture of goodwill to the Minmatar Republic. Hopefully, in time, our mutual transgressions will be sown over with the seeds of peace and understanding.”

The fifteen thousand slaves are currently being rounded up and brought to the massive transports used for the job. They are expected to land on Houdea, Matar’s largest continent, sometime within the next two days.

Asked if the mass emancipation had any connection to the allegations leveled in recent days that PM Karin Midular of the Minmatar Sebiestor tribe had been trading favors with the Amarr, Kasha dismissed the question as “absolutely ridiculous.”